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.223 62 Grain SS109 Full Metal Jacket Pull Down Bullets 1000 pieces

.223 62 Grain SS109 Full Metal Jacket Pull Down Bullets. 1000 pieces bulk packaged.

Our price $89.99

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Market price: $90.99
SKU: DP-JB01260-PD
Weight: 9.10 lbs
UPC: 818424010402
Calibers: .223 Remington, 5.56mm
MPN: DP-JB01260-PD
Alt MPN: JB01260-PD
Shipping Restrictions: Can not ship to Massachusetts
Condition: Used
Carrier Restrictions: No
Bullet Weight: 62 Grain
DOT Regulated: No
Color: Copper

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Pull-Down Bullets are perfect plinking bullets for shooting where accuracy is not key but they are not for everybody. Please consider the following points before ordering Pull-Down Bullets.

  • Bullets may show markings, indents near cannelure from extraction tool.
  • This is a military surplus product that is cleaned and sorted and presented as-is.
  • Bullets are in varying condition and are sorted only to remove extremely damaged pieces.
  • These bullets are sold "as-is".
  • They are Non-Refundable & Non-Returnable.



Buyer assumes responsibility for ensuring projectiles are safe for use in their firearm prior to loading.

If you aren't comfortable with these conditions, please order "New Bullets" which don't have marks from the pull-down tool and so provide more uniform quality.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Dan A.
    Nearest competition is $105 shipped. These are around $75 shipped depending on how many you get. What a deal - Dated 4/26/2012
  • Author: Pat
    Pretty cheap bullets but quality control seems a tad lacking.
    Many have scratches into the copper jacket, a few pretty deep
    I found a few that were missing cannelures as well.
    Most seem slightly heavy, but that might just be my scale reading slightly heavy. Still noticed at least a half grain spread in the 50 or so bullets I weighed.
    Decent enough for plinking, not precision target rounds though.
  • Author: Ben
    I got these a few days after I ordered them. I paid for ups shipping and they sent it through USPS. No a big deal still got em. However every single round I have is damaged. These bullets looked to be pulled from old ammo. They are reloadedable but like pat said just for plinking. Great for if ur a beginner reloader. Good deal for the price though

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