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FS Reloading is proud to be a Lee Precision Master Distributor. We invite you to browse our catalog which presents the full assortment of Lee Precision Reloading equipment categorized according to the type of product. Our faithful Factory Sales customers will find this catalog very familiar as it has been designed to replicate the Factory Sales web site that served you so well for so many years.

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To see more detailed descriptions and photos of a specific product, click on the product name wherever you see it highlighted and underlined on our site or enter the product code or name in the search box near the top left of every page and click the

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Lee Precision Dies


Lee New Items 2015

Lee Precision Dies

Lee Precision Quick Trim Dies

Lee Precision Die Accessories

Lee Precision Die Tables

Lee Precision Large Series Dies

Lee Precision 50 BMG Die Sets

Lee Precision Factory Crimp Dies Rifle

Lee Precision RGB Dies

Lee Precision Rifle Full Length Sizing Dies

Lee Precision Collet Die Sets

Lee Precision Collet Neck Sizing Die

Lee Precision Pistol Dies

Lee Precision Rifle Charging Dies

Lee Precision Universal Case Expander Dies

Lee Precision Ultimate Rifle Die Sets

Lee Precision Resizing Lubricant

Lee Precision PaceSetter Dies


                                                                      Slug Mold


Lee Precision Bullet Molds

Lee Precision Shotgun Slug Molds

Lee Precision Resizing Lubricant & Sizing Kits

Lee Precision Melters


Powder Measure Kit


Lee Precision Automatic Powder Measures

Lee Precision Powder Dippers and Funnels

Lee Precision Powder Measure Accessories

Lee Precision Classic Powder Measure   

Lee Precision Safety Scale


Classic Cast Press


Lee Precision Reloading Press Kits

Lee Precision Single Stage Presses

Lee Precision Turret Presses

Lee Precision Progressive Presses

Lee Precision Load Master Pistol

Lee Precision Load Master Rifle

Lee Precision Pro 1000

Lee Precision Shot Shell Load All 2


Lee Precision Case Tools

LEE CASE Conditioning TOOLS

Lee Precision Case Conditioning Tools

The Bulge Buster Kit

Lee Precision Decapping Die

Lee Precision Universal Case Expanding Die

Lee Precision Priming Tools 


50th Anniversary Reloading Kit


Lee Precision Deluxe Pistol Kit

Lee Precision 50th Anniversary Breech Lock Challenger Kit

Lee Precision Press Kits

Lee Precision Loader


Lee Precision Reloading Stand


Lee Precision Bench Plate

Lee Precision Reloading Stand

Bench Plate Components


Modern Reloading Second Edition ALL NEW DATA "NOW SHIPPING"

How-To Videos

Instruction Sheets



Here`s What Some Satisfied Customers Have To Say About Lee Precision Products!


Richard K. from Leominster, MA:
I own the Lee Precision Challenger Press, Lee Precision Dies, Powder Scale and other Lee Precision products for reloading 38 spl/357 mag handgun cartridges.The purpose of this note is to simply tell you how satisfied I am with the Lee Precision reloading tools. The quality and the engineering that you have put into your tools is more than excellent This is a credit to you, your management, and your employees.Thank you!!

Tony R. from Palmer, AK:
I have been hand loading for 19 calibers since 1948. I have owned and used every type of tools made since that time. Since I discovered Lee Precision, no one is ever going to convince me to use anything else. Lee Precision tools are simple, cheap, and are the product of genius. They are the best. Lee Precision dies make others look like home made plumber`s tools.

Winston C. from Allen, TX:
Just a short note of praise for your reloading products. It has all others beat in quality & price hands down!!! I have owned two of your presses, several calibers of dies, bullet molds and scale since 1989. I fire around 40 to 100 rounds a week of .270 Winchester & 44 ammo. I have found your equipment to be the best. I can`t understand for the life of me how others can stay in business competing against your products. It can only be reloaders who haven`t tried yours and just happened to buy other equipment without being educated about it.Keep up the good work. Wishing you the best.

Lee Precision

   Satisfaction Guaranteed        Meet Some Satisfied Customers!  ...
Lee Deluxe Quick Trim Case Trimmer The Deluxe Quick Trim Case Trimmer quickly and precisely trims your brass to the correct length at the same time it chamfers the inside and o...
The Classic Lee Precision Loader You owe it to yourself to own and try one of these famous tools. This was the first complete reloading kit ever offered. Millions upon millions o...
Lee Precision Instruction Sheets To view/download, click on the instruction sheet part number or description. Instructions are best view...
Lee Precision is not only the leading die maker, it is also the most imitated!   Lee Precision dies are the most copied dies ever made. Lately other brands have started to off...
LEE COLLET NECK SIZING DIE Die set include: Collet neck sizing die   There is no loading system that will load more accurate ammunition than Lee Precision Collet Dies. Lee Pre...
Lee Precision Large Series Dies 1 1/4-12 Tread   Lee Precision 50 BMG Factory Crimp Die   Lee Precision Classic Cast 50 Caliber BMG Press Kit At last, an affordable w...
  Lee Precision Bench Plate   Lee Precision Bench Plate & Accessories Includes 3 base blocks; one drilled to fit all current Lee Precision presses. Special elevator bolt hard...
Lee Precision Press Accessories Lee Precision Reloading Stand Introducing the Lee Precision Reloading Stand; perfect for the reloader with limited working space, an overwhelmed ...
Lee Precision Scale & Digital Scales Almost as good as a scale. We didnt invent the drum type measure we perfected it! This measure is unique, because it solves all of the problem...
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