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BOGgear is a leading manufacturer of high-quality shooting sticks and related accessories for use in hunting, photography and videography. The BOG-POD name is known for producing high quality, ultradurable monopods, bipods and tripods. Bog-Pods innovative Switcheroo “quick change system” provides unmatched versatility across the entire line. Choose the brand that’s trusted by more industry professionals than any other, choose BOG-POD!

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Description SKU MSRP Regular Special Qty Man
Bog Q-STIK, Multipurpose Monopod Kit BG-735543 $114.99 $103.92
Bog WMUSR, Wide Body Shooting Rest BG-735555 $74.99 $44.93
Bog SCA, Standard Camera Adapter BG-735549 $44.99 $39.33
Bog TAC-3, Tactical Devil Tripod, Tall BG-735540 $159.99 $146.05
Bog TAC-3S, Tactical Devil Tripod, Short BG-735541 $134.99 $134.99
Bog USR, Universal Shooting Rest BG-735538 $24.99 $21.54
Bog TIPI-G, Camo Pod Cover, Green Camo BG-735552 $39.99 $36.26
Bog RLD-2, Red Legged Devil Bipod, Tall BG-735532 $99.99 $89.87
Bog MPA , Adapt-A-Pod BG-735554 $34.99 $31.81
Bog BBR, Binocular Rest BG-735547 $64.99 $56.17
Bog RLD-3, Red Legged Devil Tripod, Tall BG-735533 $124.99 $112.35
Bog MUSR, Mini Universal Shooting Rest BG-735551 $24.99 $23.99
Bog XSR, Xtreme Shooting Rest BG-735539 $74.99 $66.47