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Principles of Freedom

"Principles of Freedom" is the editorial blog where our management expresses our love for freedom and the principles America is built on. These principles are a big part of our "Constitution" and "Declaration of Independence".  Any country can repeat the success of America IF they are willing to learn and follow these principles.

America has lost many freedoms over the last 100 years as we have violated these principles. I promise as we move closer to these principles, America will become great again! Great in freedom, prosperity, and peace. Great in civility, tolerance, and respect for others. Great in serving others and spreading brotherhood from sea to shining sea.

To read more about the Principles of Freedom, please read the book The Five Thousand Year Leap by my friend, W. Cleon Skousen. This book is a classic and is worth reading over and over and should have a very special place in your Liberty Library.

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Principles of Freedom

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