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About Our Site

About Our Web Site

The FS RELOADING site you see before you is the culmination of many years of experience operating 2 previous versions of our online store. We have listened to our customers, researched current trends in web design and tested many new techniques in an effort to provide you with the best shopping experience possible. This site is designed to incorporate new web technologies in a way that is fresh and intuitive while at the same time being familiar and comfortable for our faithful customers.

The most apparent change is our new, 3 column, according style layout which is a major upgrade from our previous fixed width, 2 column layout. This new design allows you to expand or shrink the width of our site to better fit your display and provides more space for expanded navigation menus that make finding the products and information you seek much easier. Behind the scenes we have taken advantage of a leading, database driven, shopping cart system with a great deal of custom programming to provide many new features that were not possible before.

Features include:

  • Comprehensive Support System
    Replaces the old, far less efficient phone support system with a live, online chat system and managed support ticket system.
  • Knowledgebase
    Much more than a simple list of Frequently Asked Questions, here you will find valuable tips, tricks and the information you need to get the most from your reloading investment.
  • Advanced Site Search
    Provides more targeted, to-the-point results helping you get to the products you need quickly.
  • Google Translator
    Translates any of our sites pages in to a large number of languages.
  • RSS Feeds
    Helps you keep up to date with new products and shooting industry news.
  • Improved Catalog Pages
    The catalog pages you have used for years, updated with new functions.
  • Database Driven Pages
    A hierarchical system for those who want to "drill-down" through our database of products.
  • Bestsellers
    Quick links to the most popular products we offer.
  • Manufacturers
    All our products organized by manufacturer.
  • Advanced Mini-Cart
    Always visible as you shop so there is never any question what is in your cart and how much it will cost.
  • Shipping Estimator
    Part of the Advanced Mini-Cart, keeps shipping charges up-front where they belong.
  • Drop-down Quantity Selector
    Lets you choose the desired quantity from a drop-down menu for faster and more accurate ordering.
  • One Click Add-to-Cart
    Click a product code to add 1 of that product to your cart saving you time.
  • Drop-down Caliber Selector
    Eliminates confusion about which product to order, simply choose your caliber from the drop-down menu.
  • Wish List
    Keeps track of products you would like to buy in the future so you dont have to search them out again.
  • Gift Registry
    Create and manage public or private wish lists that you can share with your friends and family.
  • Animated Add to Cart
    Provides visual confirmation that your selected product has been added to your shopping cart.
  • Greatly Enhance Product Descriptions
    Help you make more informed purchase decisions to ensure you get what you expected when you placed your order.
  • Expanded Links to Related Products
    Simplify finding the related products you need for the job at hand.
  • More Detailed Product Images
    Larger product images with more detail and zoom able product images help you see fine details in products you are considering.
  • Product Reviews
    Lets you post product reviews to help other customers and read product reviews from customers like yourself so you can zeroe-in on just the right product for you.
  • Online and FAX orders only
    Helps us keep costs low and improves our efficiency so we can provide you the best service at the lowest price possible.
  • Multi-Thread Design
    Provides multiple paths to everything on our site. Because people like firearms are not "one size fits all", we have provided multiple pathways to reach every item. This lets you use the pathway that suits you while ignoring the rest.

And this is just the beginning. Our staff is already working hard on new features to bring you the information you want and need, we are seeking out new products to better meet your needs, and, as always, we look forward to your suggestions on how we can do a better job. We hope you find this new site as fun to use as we did in building it and that it makes your shopping experience more enjoyable and efficient thus leaving you more time for the shooting we all love.




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