Top Brass .50 BMG 647 Grain Full Metal Jacket Pull Down Bullets 50 pieces

Top Brass .50 BMG 647 Grain Full Metal Jacket Pull Down Bullets are perfect plinking bullets for shooting where accuracy is not key, but they are not for everybody. Please consider the following points before ordering Pull-Down Bullets.

  • Bullets may show markings, indents near cannelure from extraction tool.
  • This is a military surplus product that is cleaned and sorted and presented as-is.
  • Bullets are in varying condition and are sorted only to remove extremely damaged pieces.
  • These bullets are sold "as-is".
  • They are Non-Refundable & Non-Returnable.


Buyer assumes responsibility for ensuring projectiles are safe for use in their firearm prior to loading.

If you aren't comfortable with these conditions, please order "New Bullets" which don't have marks from the pull-down tool and so provide more uniform quality.

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Top Brass .50 BMG 647 Grain Full Metal Jacket Pull Down Bullets 50 pieces

Brand: Top Brass
Product Code: DP-JB11020-PD-50
Reward Points: 26
Only Ships to: United States
Availability: Out-Of-Stock

MSRP: $26.78
MPN: DP-JB11020-PD-50
Condition: Refurbished
Package Quantity: 1
Product Weight: 4.65 lbs
Shipping Restrictions: Can not ship to Massachusetts or international
Carrier Restrictions: No
DOT Regulated: No
Bullet Weight: 647 Grain

  • $25.99

  • Price in reward points: 1560
Expected in stock:09 Mar 2019
Preorder deposit:100%

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