Barnes Tipped Triple-Shock X 7mm .284" Diameter 140 Grain Spitzer Boat Tail box of 50

Since the introduction of the BARNES Triple Shock X (TSX) Bullet in 2003, it has earned a reputation as the perfect hunting bullet. Now, BARNES has improved on perfection by adding a streamlined polymer tip creating the Tipped TSX (TTSX) Bullet.

100% Copper Body

The BARNES Tipped Triple Shock X Bullet (TTSX) features the same 100-percent copper body with multiple rings cut into the shank as the very popular Barnes TSX Bullet with the added advantage of a streamlined polymer tip. It delivers the same gnat s-eyelash accuracy and dead right there performance, with an added polymer tip that boosts ballistic coefficient and improves long-range ballistics. The re-engineered nose cavity and added polymer tip provide even faster expansion, with virtually 100-percent weight retention. The four razor-sharp cutting petals that expand on impact double the bullet diameter which means the Tipped TSX creates more internal damage than any competing bullet. Instant expansion and perfect penetration ensures cleaner, quicker kills.

Get the genuine BARNES TTSX accept no imitations!


Barnes 7mm 140 Grain TTSX Bullet

  • Type: Polymer Tip Sptizer Boat Tail
  • Diameter: 0.284 Inch
  • Weight: 140 Grains
  • Length: 1.362 Inch
  • Sectional Density: 0.284
  • Ballistic Coefficient: 0.412 lb/in2
  • Quantity: 50 bullets per box?

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Barnes Tipped Triple-Shock X 7mm .284" Diameter 140 Grain Spitzer Boat Tail box of 50

Brand: Barnes
Product Code: BA-30300
Reward Points: 35
Only Ships to: United States except IL & MA
Availability: Only 2 Left! Don't miss it!

MPN: 30300
Material: Copper
Color: Copper
Condition: New
Country of Origin: United States
Package Quantity: 1
Shipping Restrictions: Can not ship to Massachusetts or international
Carrier Restrictions: No
DOT Regulated: No
Calibers: .284, 7mm
Language: Engllish

  • $34.99

  • Price in reward points: 2100

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