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Why do we stand to pledge allegiance to our flag?

Why do we stand when our national anthem is played? 
Why do we stand to honor our military service men and women? 

I have been asked these questions many times. The answers came to me in the form of a poem. I hope it touches your heart as it does mine.

Jonathan Carter, General Manager, FS Reloading


We STAND for Freedom

We STAND for Freedom of Speech

We STAND for Freedom to Keep and Bear Arms

We STAND for Freedom from Secret Government Courts

We STAND for Freedom from Quartering Without Consent

We STAND for Freedom to enjoy Life, Liberty, and Property

We STAND for Freedom from Arbitrary Government Rulings

We STAND for Freedom from Cruel and Unusual Punishments

We STAND for Freedom from Unreasonable Search and Seizures

We STAND for Freedom that comes from all God Given Rights of the People

We STAND for the Heritage of our Ancestors who came from many lands near and far  

We STAND for our WivesHusbandsSons and Daughters—for GrandmasGrandpasAunts, Uncles, and Cousins

We STAND for the United States Declaration of Independence and Constitution as understood by the founders

We STAND with Freedom Loving People everywhere against TyrannyInjustice and Oppression

We STAND with dedicated American Service Men and Women in defense of our Constitution

We STAND for the the Valor of Red, the Purity of White, and the Perseverance of Blue

We STAND to Join our Past with the Present and our Present with the Future

We STAND to Honor those who Sacrificed to make our Freedom Possible

We STAND for the Primacy of the Individual above the Collective

We STAND for the Greatest Country the world has ever known

We STAND to honor the American Flag and National Anthem

We STAND for Those who can not Stand for themselves

We STAND with all those who love Liberty and Justice

We STAND for Patriots, Past, Present and Future

We STAND for the dream that became America

We STAND to show the way for our Children

We STAND on the Shoulders of Giants

We STAND for a more perfect Union

We STAND for Freedom


Please post comments below. Do you stand for the national anthem? If so why? If not why not?

I look forward to your comments.

Jonathan Carter
General Manager
FS Reloading


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