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Factory Crimp

LEE Factory Crimp DIE

Overcomes the Factory Advantage!

The Lee Precision Factory Crimp Die crimps the bullet in place more firmly than any other tool. It is impossible to buckle the case as with regular roll crimp dies. Trim length is not critical. Tests demonstrate that even bullets which have no cannelure will shoot more accurately if crimped in place with the Lee Precision Factory Crimp Die.

No crimp grove required
even with jacketed bullets

Factory ammunition is often more accurate and better able to withstand rough handling because the bullet is firmly crimped in place. A firm crimp improves accuracy because pressure must build to a higher level before the bullet begins to move. This higher start pressure insures a more uniform pressure curve and less velocity variation. Even powder selection is less critical. Until now, hand loaders seated the bullet to touch the rifling to achieve similar results. This is not always possible nor desirable.









The Lee Precision Factory Crimp Die is included at no extra charge with Lee Precision PaceSetter Dies.

Its just another added value that only Lee Precision Dies offer.

Lee Precision Factory Crimp Die 




Meet A Satisfied Customer!

Randy S. from Bowdon, GA:
I just purchased one of your factory crimp dies in .223 Rem caliber and I have to tell you that this die is probably the best idea since sliced bread. While I was adjusting the die, I made several dummy rounds, and found out that no matter what, you cant collapse a case shoulder. The crimp is beautiful and it made my extreme velocity spread shrink drastically. So if this is representative of your products, rest assured that my next set of dies will be Lee Precision dies. 

Lee Precision Carbide Factory Crimp Die  

For Handgun Ammunition That Must Work

A carbide sizes the cartridge while it is being crimped so every round will positively chamber freely with factory like dependability.

The adjusting screw quickly and easily sets the desired amount of crimp. It is impossible to buckle the case as with a conventional seating die. Trim length is not critical so this extra operation takes less time than it would if cases were trimmed and chamfered.

Revolver dies roll crimp with no limit as to the amount. A perfect taper crimp is applied to auto-loader rounds. The crimper cannot be mis-adjusted to make a case mouth too small to properly head-space. A firm crimp is essential for dependable and accurate ammunition. It will eliminate the problems of poor ignition of slow burning magnum powders.

Custom made Special Sizes available.  

Taper Crimp Die 

The Lee Precision Taper Crimp Die is hardened steel designed to overcome crimp problems caused by poor die design. These dies offer little or no advantage when used with 1986 or newer Lee Precision Dies as the crimp angle is already a modified taper crimp.

Jacketed bullets must have a crimp groove.




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