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Pictor Design

Our web site was built and has been hosted and maintained since its inception by the dedicated team of internet professionals at Pictor Design. You can learn more about their services by visiting their web site at

Jonathan Carter serves as Pictor Design`s General Manager and System Analyst, a position he has held since the founding of the company in 1994. Mr. Carter holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronic Engineering Technology from Southern Utah University. Over the years of his professional life he has worked for such diverse organizations as Central Connecticut State University where he served as a Special Lecturer in Physics, Raymond Engineering division of Kaman Aerospace serving as an engineering software developer and XECO, Inc. serving as their Senior Clean Room Technician and Company Safety Officer. Mr. Carter has also owned a small retail computer store and remains active in a family business, Willow Glen Inn, a country inn and restaurant located in Southern Utah.

Mr. Carter`s experience working in large corporations, state universities and small businesses spanning the gamut from hospitality and education to high technology and software development makes him well suited to lead the Pictor Design team.

"I have learned from experience that our clients' needs and expectations must drive everything we do. We must make profit to survive as a company, of course. However, the surest way to success is to provide our clients with solutions to their problems at a reasonable cost. This is my objective and the driving force behind Pictor Design." Jonathan Carter, General Manager, Pictor Design. Feb 4, 2008

Larene Spitler serves as Pictor Design`s Webmaster and Senior Programmer, a position which she has held since 1997. Ms. Spitler holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from California State University in Los Angeles. Over the years of her professional life, she has programmed a wide variety of applications in accounting, business, and education. She wrote ten educational programs for Davidsons & Assoc, the most well known being "The New Math Blaster".

Ms. Spitler has professional programming experience with COBOL, Forth, Visual C++, HTML, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, and mySql. She has written many customized applications for the Internet, and continues to learn new skills in this ever changing business.

"I love new challenges. Every time someone comes to me with something new that I`ve never done before, I look at it like a mystery that needs to be solved. I love exploring mysteries and coming up with workable solutions." Larene Spitler, Senior Programmer

Susan Wooten brings to Pictor Design over 30 years experience in the graphic design field having provided services and art direction to advertising agencies, lithography and printing houses, trade and specialty publications, private companies and non-profit organizations.

"Listening to the client for their individual needs and desires is paramount in this business. Then it becomes my job to craft an innovative visual identity for them as they seek to distinguish themselves in the market. The creative process of developing the right look for each customer is great fun for me... I never tire of it." Susan Wooten, Graphic Designer

Born and raised in Southern California, Susan has spent much of her graphic arts career there and in Las Vegas, Nevada. She also has a degree in business administration which provides a great foundation for understanding the marketing needs of clients.

Susan`s graphic design talent is evident in the FS RELOADING logo which she designed.

Kellie Peacock serves as administrative assistant while working on her nursing degree at the local university. She helps keep the office organized and provides data entry services for Pictor Design clients. Kellie`s attention to detail, something required of all health care professionals, has been a valuable addition to the Pictor Design team.

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