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 Each of these kits contains everything you need to begin reloading one caliber. The basic difference is in the press you select.Read the descriptions to help you select the kit which best suits your needs.

Lee Precision reloading kit

Lee Precision Breechlock Challenger Press Kit

This kit replaces the popular 35th Anniversary Kit features the same components as the 50th kit but we have replaced the Safety Prime with the Auto-Prime and a set of Auto-Prime shell holders. This kit is for those who prefer to prime off of the press. Includes the new Breech Lock Challenger Press and one Breech Lock quick-change bushing. You get a complete powder handling system, with the most convenient and repeatable Perfect Powder Measure. Plus the Lee Precision Safety Scale, the most sensitive and safest of all powder scales and fill your case with the included Powder Funnel. Case Preparation Tools include a cutter and lock stud to trim your cases. Order the correct case length gauge for the calibers you will be loading, it’s only $4.98 extra. An included Lee Precision chamfer tool chamfers the inside and outside of the case mouth and a tube of premium sizing lube is included. A small and large primer pocket-cleaning tool completes the case preparation package. $13.92 value. Purchased separately $187 value



Hand press kit

 Lee Precision Hand Press Kit

The perfect portable reloading press kit. Begin reloading at once. No wasted time mounting to a work bench. Pack it all in the box when finished. Great for apartment dwellers or loading at the range.




Deluxe turret press kitLEE DELUXE Turret Press Kit

The rugged Turret Press along with the Auto Disk Powder Measure, produce top quality pistol ammo in a hurry. A finished round with a few pulls of the lever.Large enough to handle monster belted magnum rifle cases. When it is time to change calibers, simply lock in a new turret and begin loading within seconds. In addition to the Turret Press and Lee Precision Auto Disk Powder Measure the kit includes the Lee Precision Safety Scale, unmatched for sensitivity, a primer pocket cleaner,cutter and lockstud to trim the cases and a chamfer tool to deburr cases after trimming. A set of Lee Precision Dies is all that is required to complete this reloading outfit. All this at a price that will allow you to pay for your investment in a matter of hours.This press is ideal for handgun loading and with experienced hands, you can load over 200 rounds per hour. For those who wish to use the press as a single station press,the auto index feature can be disabled in seconds and then re-enabled in the same amount of time.

Please note: the Turret press pictured is mounted on the Lee Bench Plate, this is sold as an accessory.



Lee Precision turret press


The Lee Classic Cast 50 BMG Press Kit reloads the monster 50 BMG. The frame is made of rigid cast iron and has a large frame opening for hand clearance. This Press also has a Large diameter ram 1 1/8".  Hose fitting allows primer disposal directly to the trash can and has a automatic primer arm with bottom of stroke priming. 



Lee Precision 4-Hole Turret Press Update KitIf you are fortunate to own a 3-Hold Turret Press, no need throw it away and buy a new one to gain the advantage of a 4-hole turret, just order the Lee Precision 4-Hole Update Kit with Auto Index shown below. It includes everything needed to convert a 3-Hole Turret Press to the 4-position auto index tool. If your older 3-Hole Turret Press does not already have the auto index feature, you will also need a new ram ( part # TA2269).

You may also want additional 4-Hole Turrets for each caliber you load on a regular basis. Having your dies pre-assembled in turrets is an inexpensive way to make changing calibers quick and easy. And the Lee Precision Round Storage Box is a perfect way to store dies assembled in a turret.


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