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FrankFord Arsenal UltraSonic Cleaners

The Frankford Arsenal Ultrasonic Cleaners are designed to deliver state of the art cleaning power for brass as well as other parts. The high frequency ultrasonic agitation cleans brass thoroughly inside and out quickly, quietly and without mess. They even break down the stubborn carbon build up in primer pockets. Both models include removable baskets for convenient draining. The Extreme Sonic Cleaner provides added cleaning power with its heating function. It also provides increased capacity and hi-wattage ultrasonic power for processing large batches of brass or parts. Two specialized cleaning solutions are available: one designed specifically for brass and the other for miscellaneous parts such as pistol barrels, gas pistons, trigger groups...








Extreme Sonic Cleaner

The Extreme Sonic Cleaner takes ultrasonic cleaning power to the next level. It has all the features of the EZ Sonic Cleaner plus the power of heat and increased capacity! Perfect for the shooter with a lot of brass to clean and little time to do it. Increased capacity will clean almost 3 times more brass and the addition of the heating function speeds up the cleaning process dramatically. Eliminate the longs hours of cleaning/reloading and get back to the range with an Extreme Sonic Cleaner!

    • Capacity 2L
    • Cleans approx 350 pieces of .223 brass per batch
    • Tank Size: 7.7" x 6.5" x 2.6"
    • Hi Power 100 watt
    • 42KHz
    • Heating function for enhanced cleaning power
    • Digital display and time controls





EZ Sonic Cleaner

The EZ Sonic Cleaner is the perfect size ultrasonic cleaner for the money cautious shooter. It has the majority of the features of the Extreme Sonic Cleaner and gives you the most bang for your buck! Great cleaning power with moderately sized capacities makes it a perfect cleaner for the average shooter. Eliminate the frustration of cleaning primer pockets or small parts and appreciate all the benefits of ultrasonic cleaning with an EZ Sonic Cleaner!

    • Capacity .75L
    • Cleans approx 125 pieces of .223 brass per batch
    • Tank Size: 5.8" x 4.8" x 1.9"
    • 30 watt
    • 42KHZ







Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions

The EZ Sonic Cleaning Solutions were scientifically formulated to quickly remove carbon buildup, tarnish, and oxidation on brass and gun parts. They were also specially designed to be used with The Frankford Arsenal line of Ultrasonic Cleaners. Our Cleaning Solutions are so strong that they can be used for multiple cleaning cycles before having to mix new solution up. Get the best cleaning results possible with the EZ Sonic Cleaning Solutions!

   • 32oz bottles
   • 40:1 mix ratio
   • Scientifically formulated solutions for brass and gun parts


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